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The Mendes Company was founded on three guiding principles:




Our duty is to provide each and every client with the Integrity they deserve. The Real Estate World is complex and without careful attention to the matters affecting each and every client, things can get off-track quickly. At The Mendes Company, we only work in the interest of our clients and will never relinquish the fiduciary duty that we are held to. We offer our clients clarity through each real estate process in order for them to feel confident and comfortable in the decisions they are making.

Intelligence and real-time market knowledge is the key to making good business decisions. The Mendes Company requires each and every one of its agents to be trained by the industry’s best and continuously educated within the real estate world. With product specialization and superior market knowledge, each agent is capable of giving their client excellent advisory service.

Performance is the summation of things going as planned. When the details behind the scenes are done properly and the staff is educated and trained, performance becomes systematic and consistent. With one common goal, industry-leading knowledge, and a proven track record, our clients are able to achieve their real estate objectives.